Embrace The Grind

Now that the holidays have come to a close, you may have been woken up by your alarm today, rolled over and resolved to “get back to the grind.”  Before you grab your same-old coffee and jump back into your work while keeping “business as usual,”

I want to caution you that nothing in your life is going to change until you do. The changing of the year is a powerful time because it is not only your opportunity to look back on what you accomplished during the previous 365 days, but also a time to look forward and set your sights on what you want to achieve in the new year ahead…

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Exercise Shouldn’t Scare You!

People are naturally afraid of things like heights, snakes and spiders. Put most children and adults up on something really high or hand them a python and they will give you the same reaction.

Fortunately for you (unless you are a skydiver or collector of reptiles,) you probably don’t have to elicit these inborn fear responses very often. Unfortunately for you, however, since there are centers of your brain always on the hunt for things of which to be afraid, when old fears start to disappear from your life, your brain is excellent at creating new ones.

I saw this fear creation ability first hand last night…

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Are You ‘One IN ‘ or ‘One OF’ a Million

While here in Slovenia, I have met millionaire entrepreneurs and also citizens that seemed to have no hope for or faith in success. This mindset, however, is not unique to this country.  In my travels, I have found the same thought processes in dozens of countries around the globe. 

This lead me to ask people here, “Why do some people succeed and some don’t?”  I received answers that revolved around the economy, the taxes and the size of the country.  Here is my answer: It’s not the size of the country that chooses your success, it is the size of your thoughts.

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This Girl’s Bad To The Bone!

Can You Do More Chin Ups Than A 9 Year Old? When most people come to meet us at TFW Worthing they freely admit that they are not strong enough to do even a single pull up. Upon refection after being asked “How often have you tried?” many confess that they never have.

It’s therefore worth reminding ourselves of the old truth that Repetition is The Mother of All Skill. In other words if you want to get good at something, you simply have to do that thing more often…

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TFW Mission And Message

Ever had that Knot in your gut where you know… what you’re doing isn’t really want you want to do. But you’re still doing it anyway?

  • Does that resonate with you? 
  • Do you sometimes find yourself doing the job to get the money that you need to do the things that you really like at the weekend?

If so, this might be worth a quick read…

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Today is NOT That Day!

It’s funny how the world doesn’t seem to want us all to be fit. It’s seems that so many people don’t reach their goals that they’re all trying to stop you from reaching yours…

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TFW is A Philosophy

Never Let Your Physical Conditioning Be The Reason For Defeat!

  • The Reason You Can’t – Play with your kids!
  • The Reason You Can’t – Go out and do the things you love!
  • The Reason You Can’t – Walk up a flight of stairs!

Because the minute that happens, you’re holding yourself back and you’re missing out on your life!

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Fight Your Small Battles

Martin Rooney is standing in ‘The Arena’, one of the last standing Roman Coliseums. 2000 years ago in this battlefield people fought for survival against man and beast here.

Nowadays, thankfully we don’t have to battle for our lives as they did in the arena. However…

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If At First You Don’t Succeed

Maybe you’re familia with the old saying “If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again!” However do you know who said it, where they were at that point in their life, and what inspired them to say it?

Interesting lesson in this one…

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