This Girl’s Bad To The Bone!


Can You Do More Chin Ups Than A 9 Year Old? When most people come to meet us at TFW Worthing they freely admit that they are not strong enough to do even a single pull up. Upon refection after being asked “How often have you tried?” many confess that they never have.

I’m sure you’re aware that anything worth doing takes a little effort, and doing something just once or infrequently rarely gets any results worth bragging about. It’s therefore worth reminding ourselves of the old truth that Repetition is The Mother of All Skill. In other words if you want to get good at something, you simply have to do that thing more often. You may look at Sofia in the video and think that you may not be able to do 11 chin ups.

But really, who’s asking for 11? What if you just got ONE? Would it take some training, determination and commitment? Of course. Would you have to practice for it more than once? Absolutely!

When you do it, when you get that first one I’m willing to suggest that the level of pride you’ll have in your self will be immeasurable. You’ll have just proved to yourself that you can do it, you overcame the obstacle and you did it. And then this is where it gets exciting… I promise you that second chin up is just around the corner. Then, two become four and pretty soon you’ll be pumping out 11 just like Sofia!